Residential Maintenance

Powell Landscaping's residential maintenance programs are designed to fit every need and budget. We have programs that range from a basic "mow and go" option that just deals with the week to week mowing all the way up to a full grounds care package which includes all of our exterior services in one comprehensive package. Our programs can be custom tailored to fit your needs and many types of payment options are available to you. Services in our residential maintenance department include:

Regular Turf Mowing. Powell landscaping will string trim the perimeters of the lawn, mow the turf in alternating patterns to optimize growth and clear all hard surfaces of debris.

Spring & Fall Clean Ups. Powell Landscaping will clear all debris from planting beds and along houses along with all leaves and debris collected on lawn surfaces.

Annual Rotations. Powell Landscape can design and install an annual rotation program that will ensure your planting beds and planter boxes will remain colorful and attractive from the early spring bulbs through the fall mums.

Shrub Maintenance. Powell Landscaping offers the best in shrub and bed maintenance to keep your landscape healthy and vibrant all year.

Seasonal Décor. Powell landscaping offers a seasonal décor service where we will furnish, and install, a custom seasonal decoration package that will fit your home.

Call Powell Landscaping today at 815-531-7891 to discuss a maintenance program that fits you!


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