Powell Landscaping can handle a wide range of landscape construction projects. We utilize the most modern equipment, best horticultural practices and purchase only locally grown stock for your landscape project. Some of our many landscape construction services include:

Sod & Seed Work:
Powell Landscaping can replace a damaged or worn down lawn with a newly sodded or seeded lawn. Powell Landscaping uses only the finest blue grass sod grown right here in the Chicagoland area, so it is already acclimated to our conditions and Powell Landscaping uses the finest quality seed from National Seed right here in Lisle, Illinois.

Stone Retaining Walls:
Powell Landscaping uses the finest pre-fabricated retaining wall systems on the market today combined with certified staff to create the retaining wall you need with the look you desire.

Brick Patios & Walks:
Powell Landscaping can design and install a custom brick patio or walk to compliment your home or business.

Custom Fire Pits:
For those towns where you can burn, Powell Landscaping can design and install a custom fire pit that is not only functional and decorative, but can be designed to meet any capacity beyond what traditional portable fire pits can provide.

New Landscape Plantings:
Powell Landscaping can design and install a new landscape for your home or business that will maximize curb appeal and keep the color blooming all season long. We use only material that has been grown in Northern Illinois to give your plant material the best chance to acclimate to your soils. All of our plant material comes with a one year, written warranty.

Natural Stone Steps:
For those problem areas where grade changes are too steep and unsafe, Powell Landscaping can install a natural stone step option that eliminates the safety hazards, which brings the two different grades together and does so in an attractive and unique manner.

Mulch & Decorative Stone:
Powell Landscaping can install a wide varieties of mulch or decorative stone to your planting beds that can add to the aesthetics and minimize weed growth.

And much more!

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